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  • North Somerset crime special

    image of Dixon of Dock Green
    Crime has certainly changed since the heyday of the fictional Sgt. Dixon
    As this blog has previously noted (posts passim), from the author’s lofty perch in Bristol, North Somerset is a part of the UK that seems to live in an alternative reality (could this have something to do with the consumption of cider? Ed.).

    Today’s Bristol Post carries a report of a crime in Yatton that is so heinous, it has been reproduced in full below:

    Police want to talk to two drivers who got involved in a road rage incident in Yatton.

    At around 8am on Tuesday, January 29, two vehicles were travelling in opposite directions on Mendip Road.

    One of the vehicles used Mendip Gardens to turn around and pulled out into the path of the other car.

    There was a disagreement between the drivers which resulted in the car horns being sounded.

    The car which had turned around then stopped just past the junction with Chescombe Gardens.

    The drivers of the vehicles, or anyone who witnessed the incident, should contact DC Nicholas Riley at Weston-super-Mare Police Station on 101.

    As you can see, Avon & Somerset Constabulary consider this crime so serious they have assigned a detective constable to pursuing the malefactors.

    Presumably Mr Plod is keen to apprehend the villains in question as sounding one’s horn when stationary is an offence.

    Notwithstanding that, one could legitimately ask which is the greater crime: two irate petrolheads making idiots of themselves or the waste of police time and resources involved in its investigation?

    Answers in the comments below please!