Last night saw a televised debate for the Conservative Party leadership between one Mary Elizabeth Truss and Rishi Sunak.

This encounter was described as ‘acrimonious‘ by The Guardian, whilst the BBC characterised it as the two candidates’ ‘fiercest clash yet‘.

Needless to say the cheerleaders for both contenders were out in force on social media, attempting to boost the image of their favourite candidate.

These included one Nadine Vanessa Dorries, inexplicably elevated way beyond her competence to Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport by one Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, who has relinquished the office of leader of the CONservative Party, but remains the party-time alleged prime minister of the English Empire (which some still call the United Kingdom. Ed.).

Anyway, at some point in the proceedings Nadine took to TWitter and posted the following.

Tweet reads Rishi really needs to stop talking over #Liz4Leader #LeadersDebate It’s a terrible look. He’s irritable, aggressive, bad tempered. He’s loosing it.

Yes. gentle reader, you read that correctly: ‘loosing‘ instead of ‘losing‘.

Off you go to Homophone Corner for a nice long sit down until you learn the error of your ways, Nadine!

However, Nadine is not known for ever doing things by halves (ask the ostrich whose anus she ate. Ed.) and in response to being corrected (‘It’s ‘losing”. Ed.) by columnist Sarah Vine, the separated and soon to be divorced wife of Nadine’s Cabinet companion Michael Gove, responded by retweeting Ms Vine with no style at all and another howling homophone, as shown below.

Dorries tweet reads: Very true. I had hoped to have a career as an author one day. Back to the drawing bored.

An author? What has the English-speaking world done wrong to deserve such punishment?!

Nadine’s efforts to date have kindly described asfull of Irish clichés‘.

Your ‘umble scribe recommends that the fragrant Nadine refrains from inflicting further clichés – Irish or other – upon the reading public until she learns to write to a standard demanding a pen instead of a crayon. 😀