Chronological capers

Chronological capers

At 2.00 a.m. this morning British Summer Time (BST) came to an end, the clocks were turned back one hour and the UK reverted to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and evenings that get dark earlier.

This for me marks the gloomiest time of year – at least until we’re over the winter solstice and the day of least daylight!

However, the changing of the clocks is a major job for some. For instance, for the curators of the Palace of Westminster’s Great Clock (which bongs Big Ben. Ed.), the process involves careful precision and split-second timing. As well as re-setting the time, it gives them an opportunity to make close inspection of the clock mechanism as part of a rolling maintenance programme. The process is described in detail on the UK Parliament website.

On a lighter note, the Stonehenge Twitter account decided to have some fun with the change, as shown by the following screenshot.

Stonehenge UK tweet with image showing scientists repositioning the stones for the end of BST

Author: Steve Woods

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