Save Felix Road Adventure Playground

Save Felix Road Adventure Playground

Never having had children, my contact with local play facilities has been limited. However, I do remember having a lovely conversation about the history of Bristol’s Easton district with the late local historian Lionel Ellery a couple of decades ago at Felix Road Adventure Playground.

The adventure playground itself is sited on what was once the north coalyard of Easton Colliery, which operated from 1824 until 1911. From 1913 to 1972 the adventure playground then site served as a stone yard for Bristol building firm Cowlin.

Felix Road Adventure Playground was established in 1972 by a group of local parents concerned that their children should have a space to play.

However, its future is now under threat due to funding cuts by Bristol City Council, meaning it can only open for 2 days a week.

A petition has been organised to secure the playground’s future. You can sign it online here.

Paper versions of the petition have been left at these places for signature:

  • Easton Business Centre;
  • EMAP (Action for Children);
  • Easton Community Centre;
  • The Plough;
  • The Jolly Roger;
  • The Queens Head;
  • The Olive Grove Cafe;
  • Cafe Joanna, Chelsea Road;
  • Totally Toys, Gloucester Road; and
  • Playful, Gloucester Road.
image of Felix Rd Adventure Playground
Felix Rd Adventure Playground

The petition needs 3,500 signatures to trigger a debate of the matter in full council.

What is particularly galling about this funding cut is that Felix Road is located in Bristol’s Lawrence Hill ward, reputedly the most deprived council ward in South West England.

Meanwhile, play facilities in some more prosperous parts of the city are not having their funding cut to the same extent.

It is believed that St Paul’s Adventure Playground in St Agnes – an area with similar deprivation to Felix Road – is also under the same threat due to funding cuts.

Why are Bristol’s poorest districts always treated so badly?

It’s almost as if the city’s great and good couldn’t care less about those not so fortunate as themselves.

Author: Steve Woods

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