Enlightenment 0.18 released

Enlightenment 0.18 released

Just before Christmas the release of version 0.18 of the Enlightenment desktop environment for Linux was announced, according to Heise. Modules for controlling Bluetooth and music software are amongst the new features for the Enlightenment 0.18.0 (E18). It has been released as planned just one year after version 0.17.0 (E17), whose development took 12 years.

In the new version the compositor which combines the application windows and desktop components into an overall picture is no longer optional, but firmly integrated into the desktop’s main components. Support for running Wayland, the potential successor X11 is also new, as is better interaction with systemd, the system management daemon designed exclusively for the Linux kernel API. The developers have also fixed several crashes and made considerable improvements to the file manager, according to the release notes.

e18 desktop screenshot

The developers are currently working on Enlightenment 0.19.0 (E19), which will be able to work as a Wayland Compositor. Details of these plans may be found on the E19 Release Manager blog, as well as in the video below.

Author: Steve Woods

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