Today the WalesOnline website features a textbook example of an ambiguous headline, i.e one that has or expresses more than one possible meaning.

Ambiguity in a headline – or anywhere else in a piece of factual reporting – is not an example of good writing style.

A headline should be clear, convey sufficient information to interest or pique the curiosity the (potential) reader and not be capable of being misinterpreted.

Headline reads The amazing 200-year-old shell grotto hidden in a corner of Wales you can only visit with a secret key

WalesOnline is part of the Reach plc* stable of regional press titles.

Reach titles have past form with ambiguous headlines (posts passim).

One would almost think it’s written into the group’s style guide (if it has one. Ed.).

* The Reach stable also includes the national titles, the Daily Mirror and Daily Brexit (which some still call the Express. Ed.)