The one per cent

The one per cent

Yesterday your correspondent arranged a poll on his social media account on Mastodon to coincide with the appearance of disgraced former alleged party-time prime minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson before the Covid-19 inquiry being chaired by retired senior judge Heather Hallett.

Needless to say, Johnson was his usual courageous self, turning up at 7.00am to avoid the crowds of bereaved relatives who’d hoped to make their feelings known to the lazy, bumbling charlatan. He did likewise today with several papers showing him arriving once again in the hours of darkness, but then again this is the same brave politician who hid in a fridge in 2019 to avoid being questions by the talentless Piers Morgan.

There is plenty of reporting and live coverage of Johnson’s evidence to the inquiry, which is also being streamed. Today’s Guardian editorial is particularly scathing of Johnson’s performance yesterday, with its byline stating:

Nothing in the former prime minister’s record or his testimony so far suggests he is a reliable witness or capable of genuine contrition.

Neither reliable nor contrite; that a damning assessment.

Anyway, back your ‘umble scribe’s social media poll. A screenshot of the result is shown below.

Poll reads Which would you trust most? Boris Johnson or a forged £9 note?

All that can be said is that your correspondent is shocked to learn one per cent of respondents would sooner trust a man never known to have had an intimate relationship with something known as the truth.

Author: Steve Woods

Elderly, generic carbon-based humanoid life form.