Over at the Huffington Post, Nathaly Kelly has been dispelling some translation myths in a piece entitled “Clearing up the Top 10 Myths About Translation”.

The 10 myths as are:

  1. Translation is a small, niche market;
  2. There is a declining need for translation;
  3. Most translators translate books; most interpreters work at the United Nations;
  4. Any bilingual person can be a translator or an interpreter;
  5. Translators and interpreters do the same thing (posts passim);
  6. Translators and interpreters work in more than two languages;
  7. Translation only matters to “language people”;
  8. Crowdsourcing puts professional translators out of work;
  9. Machine translation is crushing the demand for human translation; and
  10. All translation will someday be free.

It would be easy to go through each of the above points and comment. However, I would simply make one small remark regarding item 9: I’m so glad machine translation is so bad and likely to remain so for quite some time. I might just make it to state retirement age without having to claim benefits. 🙂

Anyway, I recommend you read the original Huffington Post article.