Yesterday’s Bristol Post reports that the CWS silos in Avonmouth (affectionately known locally as ‘The Mouth’. Ed.) are curently being demolished.

The silos are shown in the full glory in happier times. The older one on the left was built in the 1920s and is one of the few industrial buildings in Bristol with Art Deco features. The younger silo on the right was built in the 1950s. They used to supply mills on the same site; the mills themselves were demolished some 30 years ago.

Now disappearing from the Avonmouth skyline - CWS' silos.

Now disappearing from the Avonmouth skyline – CWS’ silos.

In my opinion, the 1920s silo was worthy of listing as a building of architectural or historic interest for its Art Deco style. What a pity it wasn’t. 🙁