Breathe new life into your old XP box with Linux Live

Breathe new life into your old XP box with Linux Live

image of Tux, the Linux kernel mascotMicrosoft announced some time ago that it will be ending support for Windows XP, now 12 years old, on 8th April 2014.

The Bristol & Bath Linux Users’ Group (BBLUG) has seen this as an opportunity to introduce people still using XP to a reliable free and open source Linux operating system and has planned an event called “Linux Live 2014” to be held from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm on Saturday, 15th March 2014 – a couple of weeks before the official end of XP support – at the Pervasive Media Studio, Watershed, 1 Canons Rd, Bristol, BS1 5TX (map).

Linux Live 2014 is part of a worldwide initiative to turn tired old computers running XP into efficient, well running ones running Linux. An old, tired computer can be given a whole new lease of life by installing a modern Linux operating system (Linux has lower system requirements than MS operating systems. Ed). BBLUG has decided to plan an event for people in Bristol and the surrounding area to inform them of the various uses and benefits of Linux.

BBLUG’s Peter Hemmings says: “As Windows XP is not being supported from April 2014 we have decided to hold ‘Linux Live 2014’. It is a free workshop held by Linux user groups like ours where members get together to introduce new users to various distributions and give them a Live USB Stick to try on their hardware without interfering with other operating systems. Time permitting, it can be installed on hardware during the event or the Live USB Stick can be taken home to install. In holding an event such as this, we help extend the life of the hardware, saving people money in time of austerity. Simply bring your personal computer/laptop to the event and we will help you get Linux up and running on it, for free!”

The BBLUG Linux Live 2014 event has its own website and is being sponsored LinuxIT of Emerson’s Green.

Author: Steve Woods

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