Who’s he?

Some obscure blues artist?

Not quite.

Read on.

a membling overprivileged aristocratGermany’s federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) has decided to cut out part of an English exam including a speech by a a member of Britain’s so-called royal family after thousands of students complained that they could not understand him, The Local reports.

On Tuesday North Rhine Westphalia’s school ministry announced it would be discarding part of a final English exam for 100,000 16 year-olds which involved their listening to a speech by young ‘Arry and then answering questions on it.

More than 45,000 examination candidates signed a petition after the test last week calling for a retake because of Mr Wales’ “mumbly” enunciation and the recording’s poor quality.

Regional teachers’ organisation Lehrer NRW commented that even mother tongue English teachers struggled to understand what he was saying.

There were also complaints about poor vocabulary preparation for other parts of the examination.

In response to the controversy, the NRW education ministry explained that markers would be given more leeway in assessing other areas of the test to account for what was taught in class.

In a press release (German), Lehrer NRW said that what was being proposed was a “fair solution“.