CAPITA: Translation and Interpreting (TI) (formerly Applied Language Solutions)

Instances of failure to supply interpreters or to comply with the Ministry of Justice contract and Framework Agreement

Volume 2: 1st February – 31st May 2013

The reports contained within this dossier describe justice sector interpreting failures from 1st February 2013. This is the second year of the Ministry of Justice’s Framework Agreement and contract with Capita Translation and Interpreting (formerly Applied Language Solutions) and the variety of failures reported span the following complaints:

  • Failing to supply an interpreter
  • Supplying under-qualified interpreters
  • Providing interpreters with no legal or criminal experience
  • Providing interpreters without assessments
  • Providing interpreters with inappropriate Tier allocations
  • Providing interpreters without CRB checks
  • Unethical practices by CapitaTI and its linguists
  • Breaches of the Ministry of Justice Framework Agreement (FWA)

Evidence has been compiled from various sources including:

  • Online at
  • Online at
  • Via
  • The Professional Interpreters against MoJ outsourcing in GB Facebook Group
  • Witnessed reports by public service interpreters present at court hearings
  • Reports passed on by members of professional interpreters’ representative bodies, including APCI, SPSI and PIA
  • Reports from solicitors, barristers, judges
  • Court correspondents and press articles


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