A community market event took place earlier today on the section of Stapleton Road between Easton Way and Lower Ashley Road.

image of march starting Stapleton Road Community market

Image courtesy of Bristol News

Although interspersed with showers, the event was well attended and had such attractions as food, music, bouncy castles, face painting and – at one point – a samba band adding yet more sound and vibrancy to our main local street in this part of town.

The event was organised by the local community for the local community and has evidently gone down well with the people at Bristol News, who commented:

The amazing people on Stapleton Road are having fantastic fun today and doing it for far less money than Make Sunday Special has ever done. And more importantly the community is doing it for itself. This is the “real spirit of Bristol” not the water slides, skiing clowns and ambling bands.

It also shows a different side of a place that’s frequently just regarded, particularly by the rest of Bristol, as a source of inner city problems.