Recommended LibreOffice extension: MultiFormatSave

Recommended LibreOffice extension: MultiFormatSave

One of the great things about LibreOffice is the ability to customise and extend the software’s functionality by the use of extensions, for which there’s a dedicated website.

If you use LibreOffice and need to save files in formats other than its native Open Document Formats (in my case, I work in Open Document format, but return work in MS Office formats and send out invoices as PDFs), then the MultiFormatSave extension is a really useful addition to your install since it can simultaneously save your file Open Document, MS Office and/or PDF formats as you choose.

At the moment Open Document, MS Office 97 (.doc, .xls, etc.), MS Office 2007 XML (.docx, .xlsx, etc.) and PDF formats are supported.

MultiFormatSave iconOnce installed via LibreOffice’s extension manager, MultiFormatSave adds a small icon – shown on the right – to the toolbars of your office suite’s component programs.

Clicking on the icon will bring up the dialogue box shown below.

MultiFormatSave dialogue box

Saving in up to 3 formats at once is not only convenient, it can in my opinion help reduce one’s chances of falling victim to repetitive strain injury (RSI). 🙂

More information on MultiFormatSave is available on the LibreOffice extensions site.

Author: Steve Woods

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