BS5 bees

Bees are found on every continent except Antarctica; and they’re crucial to life on this planet since they pollinate nearly 75% of the world’s plants, which in turn produce 90% of the food consumed by humanity. Without the aid of bees plant pollination would not occur so easily, plants would die and humans and many …

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The Ale-Conner

Recent delvings into the history of Market Drayton’s court leet (posts passim) have taught me of the duties of the officers of that ancient manorial court; and the more researching I’ve done, the more has come to light. The duties of one officer in particular caught my attention: the ale-conner. Further news of that officer’s …

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Earlier this month, Staffordshire-based production team THE 7TH TOWN released its first feature length documentary called Oatcakes! It’s a film about local pride and the people of the Potteries directed by Robert Burns and produced by Toby DeCann. Local delicacy the Staffordshire oatcake (posts passim) features prominently in the film, as do the ales produced …

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