For many years the garage sitting at the apex of the junction of Russelltown Avenue, Cannon Street and Whitehall Road in BS5 has featured a changing sequence of slogans painted by Stan Jones, who lives in the house to which the garage belongs.

It was 2017 when I first noticed it and, at that time, it focussed on the madness of Brexit.

Garage wall featuring Exit Brexit slogan

Exit Brexit

In 2019 its message was still focussed on Brexit but had been repainted to featur the wording “Buck Foris” (fine use of a Spoonerism there. Ed.) and “Fromage not Farage“, so I think it’s fair to say Stan is not impressed with the right-leaning part of what passes for Britain’s political class.

In 2019 Stan’s efforts accidentally suffered the attentions of Bristol City Council’s fight against graffit. There was, however, a happy outcome as Stan received an apology and some paint from the corporation, as the Bristol Post reported at the time.

Below is Stan’s latest contribution, which really needs no further comment from me.

Text on building reads What the [insert word of choice] is happening?

Stan’s latest (shame about the tags)