For local news Bath, Bristol’s near neighbour, is served by the Bath Chronicle. Like the Bristol Post, the Chronicle is part of the Local World group and shares its close neighbour’s reputation for (lack of) accuracy.

Today’s Bath Chronicle carried an exclusive, but readers had to read the caption under the photograph accompanying the report to realise it.

Bath Spa railway station used to look as shown in the photograph below.

Bath Spa railway station

Bath Spa railway station. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Close observation of today’s Bath Chronicle report, especially the photo caption, reveals there is no nowhere for InterCity 125s or any other passenger rolling stock to stop where Bath Spa station once stood.

photo caption on Chronicle piece reads Bath Spa railway statio Trains to London Paddington and Bristol Temple Meads delayed or cancelled

The site of Bath Spa railway station according to the Bath Chronicle

For the life of me I cannot understand why the Chronicle ignored the disappearance of a major piece of transport infrastructure and had its piece concentrate on delays to train services between the West of England and London Paddington. 😉